Addon Santa #2

It’s time for round two of the Addon Santa giveaway. Today, we’re going to be giving away another product by Turbulent Designs, their KMBS scenery. A few rules before we get going onto this second round. !) If you make an incorrect guess, you will be asked to wait 5 minutes before submitting another guess. … More Addon Santa #2

Addon Santa #1

Find the ICAO of this airport: Located on a Golf Course in the Appalachian mountains is a small airfield known for its difficult approach and short runway. It is privately maintained, and run by the golf course. What airport is this? Remember to email me the answer ( for your chance to win. The first … More Addon Santa #1

Addon Santa Preview

Hey folks, it’s that time of year again where the snow falls on trees, hot chocolate is brewing in the kitchen, presents are under the tree, and grandma is ready to tell you all about her political opinion at the dinner table. I love Christmas, it’s always been my favorite holiday, and this year, I … More Addon Santa Preview

Terra Flora Review

Autogen scenery is an incredibly competitive market. Everything from textures to mesh to landclass to vegetation has been done time and time again, with each iteration pushing the ESP platform to the next level.  A recent competitor in the high quality scenery market, Turbulent Designs, has decided to make a jaunt into this market with … More Terra Flora Review

Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls Regional Review

Coming in hot on the tail of their critically acclaimed MBS airport, The team over at Turbulent Designs pulled an impressive feat once more, and released KIDA for the ESP platform. Idaho Falls is yet another small regional field that you wouldn’t exactly pass by on your morning commute to work. While this airport is … More Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls Regional Review