Just Flight 757 Freemium

The boys over at Just Flight are responsible for some great payware for FSX, but they have dipped their toes into the freeware market. Enter the 757 Freemium.

The 757 comes in one engine type, and one livery. You get a Rolls-Royce engine 757-200 no winglets in a BA livery. You can also download a free AA livery, but all other liveries/variants are payware. Once you load up the plane, you feel a sense of comfort. The cabin looks detailed enough for most simmers, and there are little touches that make the 757 look like it has seen better days. So, lets start our more in-depth review.


The 757 handles as you would expect, a mid-sized jet. The 757 can do maneuvers decently, but this is no stunt plane. Make a mistake too low, and you could cause a disaster. Don’t worry though, the flight computers work just as they are supposed to, keeping you safe and steady while cruising. However, don’t expect PMDG levels of simulation out of this aircraft.


The interior (VC) is a nice place to be. Textures are decent, and most buttons work. The detail surpasses any other freeware plane out there with room to spare. However, comparing this to a high-end payware aircraft is ridicules. You won’t be showing up any PMDG owners anytime soon.


The exterior is HD, and the liveries are very high quality. The model itself looks very nice, and compares well to the Quality Wings 757. There are many animations that are very smooth, giving you a feeling of accomplishment, as you know you have scored well picking up this aircraft.


The major systems like FMC, AP, TCAS, ILS, VNAV, LNAV, and others are modeled, but don’t expect anything crazy. The aircraft exceeds expectations for freeware, but is not comparable to other payware aircraft. I could run a full flight with the FMC, AP, and ILS systems successfully, and felt satisfied that it was at least similar to real life.


The aircraft is the best of the best for freeware, but it is just that, freeware. It is the top of it’s class, but it is at the bottom of the list for payware quality. Overall, I give this a 10/10 for freeware, but a 6.9/10 comparing it to high-end payware.


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