Aerosoft A320/A321

Hello all, FSXReviewsCorp here, back with another review. This is my first payware review, and I am excited to share it with you guys. Today, as the title shows, I will be reviewing the Aerosoft A320/A321. Lets get started!


I downloaded this aircraft for around $35 dollars. The aircraft is about 800mb, and is very detailed. The installer worked like a charm, and even recognized my copy of FSX SE. They also have a comprehensive site for downloading high-quality liveries, completely free of charge. I downloaded many liveries, and only a few of them were not working.


The model looks stunning, with many details all around. The Aerosoft A320 makes the Wilco A320 look like an Abacus model. I dare say that in the Airbus world, this is PMDG level. the flight deck looks just as nice, but doesn’t quite model every system or button. This plane is meant to simulate being a captain of an A320, not being the FO, and CP at the same time. All the buttons you would normally use are functional, but buttons such as the ditching button do not work. However, most of the non-functional buttons were still 3d, adding to the immersion factor in the flightdeck.

With the 2nd MCDU, you can add a virtual first officer to help with the checklists. I found this, as well as a lot of the features of the 2nd MCDU very useful.


The flight dynamics are quite nice. I cannot verify their realism, but they do feel very good. I flew most of my approaches without the ILS because it felt so nice. However, since this is an Airbus, you will be flying with the autopilot a lot. The autopilot worked flawlessly with any route I could make using rFinder. The 1st MCDU works very nicely, and it had a pretty shallow learning curve. After a day, I could fly normal routes with SIDs, STARs, and other assorted things that a normal pilot would do.


The aircraft flies nicely, looks very impressive, and most of the systems are modeled, and those modeled systems work as expected. Overall, this aircraft gets a 9/10. Well done Aerosoft.


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