Majestic Dash 8 Q400

Hello all, FSXReviewsCorp here, and I am back to review one of the most in-depth addons available on the market, the MJC8 Q400.


The Dash 8, produced by Bombardier Aerospace, is a regional turboprop, designed for anywhere from 25 to 86 passengers based on it’s configuration. The Q400, holds 60-80 passengers, and is a stretched version of the Q300. The Q400 is the most profitable turboprop in the world, and takes off or lands every 10 seconds. The Q400 isn’t massively popular with American carriers, but is very popular in europe.


The download came in at around 200MB, but the install rounded out to about 2.5GB. I purchased the plane through Just Flight, and the activation was simple and painless. The plane comes with a host of liveries, including ANA, FlyBe, Qantaslink, and more. Some extra liveries are available to download form AVSim, or any other major FS file site.


The exterior model of the plane is truly stunning. they have modelled everything from the oil smudges on the engines to all of the wiring that makes the gear work. All of the liveries look nice as well. The pilots are doing things in the cockpit from the outside, based on the stage of flight. You can see them reaching their arms up to press something, or looking down to turn something on. The aircraft feels alive, it doesn’t feel like just a normal model. The aircraft also looks like it has been used, it doesn’t look like it just rolled off the production line.


I loaded up the virtual cockpit expecting some half baked VC. I was completely in awe however, to find a PMDG level cockpit. The plane is only $60, and it looked like a $100 one. There are preset views for those of us without EZDoc, and there are 2D pop-up panels for most everything I saw. Every switch and button is modelled, and it doesn’t feel like you are in a simulator. Usually, you have to expect limitations, but I was blown away by the detail of this VC. the systems fidelity is also top notch, which compliments everything being clickable. Everything you click, does what it is supposed to.


The systems fidelity in this aircraft reaches new heights, literally. This plane, despite being a turboprop, compares well with regional jets, like the Embraer e170. However, one thing that the Embraer has that the Q400 doesn’t is a complex autopilot. Although this plane has an FMS, it isn’t nearly as robust as that of a Boeing or Airbus. Now, this isn’t Majestic’s fault, as they are just modeling the aircraft, but still, it can get a little annoying at times. One thing that I found disturbing is the lack of an autothrottle. During cruise, it isn’t that hard to adjust the power, but it means I can’t get up to go get a drink and check my phone.

The FDE of this aircraft is revolutionary. The FDE is no longer handled by FSX, but by a completely independant FDE made by NASA. That means that this plane is possibly the most realistic flying aircraft in all of FSX. The flight dynamics feel great. I found myself shooting visual approaches a lot more than I would in an Airbus. The plane is also fun. I always felt like it was in my control, no matter what I was doing. Overall, an outstanding FDE.


This airplane broke boundaries in the FSX world. It completely separated the FDE, while also modeling almost all system functions. It looks better than most aircraft, both inside and out, and is fairly cheap. Overall, I give this plane a 10/10.


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