Navigraph… Is It Worth It?

Navigraph is a subscription based system for receiving charts and FMS data. It works like this:

You buy a subscription.

You receive charts and FMS data.

Simple, right? But with the number of free charts rising, is it worth it? What subscription should I get? How do you get Navigraph? Whats included?

Navigraph starts at €5.90 for 30 days of FMS data, and goes as high as €64.90 for a year of unlimited charts and FMS data, and everything in between. As you can see, there is quite a large range of subscription options, but which one is right for you? For less than a year of use, I would go for the ultimate monthly subscription. If you need a year or more, the Ultimate Yearly is your best option. Now, why am I recommending the most expensive option? The reason is, you need your charts and FMS data to match, or else they don’t work. If you have two different AIRAC cycles, then the charts might not give you the information you need, and you may plan a flight with waypoints that the FMS has no clue about.

The best example is the BIBAX waypoint coming into LFPG. Everyone watched Frooglesim’s video on flying the Aerosoft A320, and was confused when his flight plan used the PETAX waypoint. Many people had two different names for the same waypoint, causing confusion. If they all had Navigraph, this problem wouldn’t have happened. Hopefully. As long as they got the ultimate monthly.


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