I’ll cut to the chase, this website is changing. My original goal with this website was to provide consumers with reviews that would help them determine if the product they had their eye on was worth it or not. However, I have recently encountered an opportunity to do that on a much larger scale, with many more resources, making this blog rather obsolete…

Don’t fret though, because this blog isn’t going in the trash yet! Rather, I’m moving the focus of this blog away from reviews, and more towards general news, tutorials, and other things within the flightsim community. This will enable me to write the reviews you love (just on a different website) and will allow me to explore a wider variety of interesting topics on this blog. I figured we needed a change for 2016, and this is it.

Feel free to leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below, and thank you for the support you have given me while doing this. I cannot express how much I appreciate it.


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