DFS: What does it mean for us.

We all heard the news. Dovetail has not one, but two flight simulators in the works. The first sim, Dovetail Flight School, will be landing on shelves sometime in April or May, meaning it’s only a couple of months away. The more advanced sim, Dovetail Flight Simulator, will come out at the end of 2016, only a max of 9 months away. This is great news for the community, as FSX and even Prepar3d are reaching the max amount of performance they can deliver. This new sim, said to be a major upgrade, should be able to handle more advanced simulations, better lighting and textures, as well as more complex airports.


This is huge for the community. People who stayed on FS9 will like the hopefully less resource intensive DFsim, as well as appreciate the huge graphical upgrade, even if they get somewhat worse (or equal) performance. FSX users will greatly appreciate the better optimized simulator, as well as the possible graphical enhancements. Overall, this sim is great news for simmers.


As great as this new sim is for consumers, developers will love the resources that are opened up to do more creative things with their products. Dovetail will hopefully optimize the sim enough to allow developers to make truly stunning products, and add new features we would never have seen in FSX.


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