Taxi2Gate LFPG Review

Charles-de-gaulle, one of the longest neglected sceneries in the FSX world. Maybe it’s because of it’s immense size and detail, or maybe because it’s a really unpleasant airport in real life. Either way, simmers had been longing for so long to get an LFPG update and well, it’s finally here. LFPG has been given the Taxi2Gate treatment, and boy if it isn’t contending to be my favorite/#1 FSX scenery of all time. Can it topple KIAD or EHAM to become my go to quality airport? There’s only one way to find out.


To install this scenery, you must download two bin files and an executable to put them together in your scenery folder. The download size comes out to be a hefty couple of GBs, but in my opinion the fidelity of the scenery far outweighs the size. Once everything is done and downloaded, you’re left with the scenery and a scenery configurator, which lets you change some vehicle settings, as well as the season. Nice. Overall, despite the lack of charts, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on many features that other devs offer, and i’m actually quite a fan of the simplicity of the configuration tool. While there are maybe a few more options I would like the see (like AFCAD directions) it offers a nice balance between customization and usability. Nice work T2G.


The installation is nothing if the scenery doesn’t look great, but thankfully nothing could be further from the truth. I honestly think in this day and age we are way to spoiled with the amount of visual fidelity developers can pack into a mere 4GB of ram. We’ll start with the passenger terminals, which have fully see-through windows and internal modeling of the actual terminal (YES!) as well as remarkable, borderline stunning detail on the outside of the terminals. CDG has quite a bit of diversity in the style of architecture between certain terminals, and I think T2G hit the nail right on the head with each one. The underlying modeling is what I would describe as “did you hire NASA for some technology?” and the textures those models make me honestly wonder if the chem-trails coming out of the jets above us have made us forget that P3D v4 has actually come out and there is no VAS limit anymore. I mean seriously, I didn’t even think you could load all of this stuff in if you had all of the 4GB that the entire FSX application is given, nevertheless the smaller sliver that’s left for scenery to load.

And then we look down from our jet as we look for the GSX marshallers who work completely correctly and notice the superb ground textures. I mean come on T2G, is there anything you aren’t good at? Every ground marking, oil spill, and MAX WINGSPAN warning looked crisp and gorgeous, truly immersive. And we aren’t even getting into the 3D grass and taxiway signs that (thankfully) no longer float in the latest update.

But as always, my main interest is what the airport looks like when the city lights replace the sun and the moon comes back from work to party. What’s it like then? Stunning. The 3D light splashes look especially amazing given how FSX only has one light source, and I can still make out the insides of terminal buildings, even with the bright lights. Taxiway lights look perfect, but the runway lights might be just a bit underdone. Just my personal taste though.


Okay, okay. The scenery looks great. You mentioned earlier though that you couldn’t believe all of these immensely large things being crammed into the sim. How’s VAS?

Superb. Again. Do you see a trend here? My ultimate “stress test” is to fly around the airport, and fly to/from it with the AS A320, and the PMDG 747 QoTS. In my testing of over 15 round trips, I did not encounter a single OOM. I typically encounter at least one every 7-8 flights with EHAM, and one every 10 times with IAD. While I’m sure some combination of settings, airplanes, and weather could cause an OOM with this scenery, I sure wasn’t able to make that happen. FPS was also fantastic as well. I recieved about 25-30FPS on the ground in the VC of the 747, and over 35 when I popped outside.


I mentioned at the beginning that this scenery was in contention to be my “go to” scenery for testing things, taking screenshots, or just general flying. Has it made the cut? While I have to admit this was a hard call to make, given the latest update, I’d say yeah. It’s one of the few sceneries I’ve loaded into in a long time and gone “wow, this is really a cut above.” I can’t wait to see where T2G go next!


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