Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 Review

Frankfurt, home to Lufthansa, and a bustling connection hub to the world. Serving just over 60 million passengers a year, Frankfurt can be defined by high aircraft movement, beautiful but functional building architecture, and a 3 parallel runway system. Aerosoft’s Mega series of airports aims to model incredibly complex and major airports in a pretty but FPS and VAS friendly way, and their v2 Frankfurt scenery is no exception. Ready to go with high definition textures and a great overall atmosphere, this scenery should definitely suit the needs of most simmers. Let’s get going.


Aerosoft built Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 with the goal of providing a high end large airport without the performance drops usually associated with this kind of scenery. While they may have gone for a more system-friendly approach, this scenery is by no means ugly. Everything has been given a modern makeover, and the end result is pretty impressive. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m super into eye-candy scenery, but something about this more simplified approach still hit a home-run for me. It didn’t really feel like they sacrificed much in the way of detail at all, I still felt immersed and satisfied as I taxied around the field. I felt as though they simply didn’t go overboard with the detailing. For example, where there are supposed to be 3d Lufthansa logos, they put 2D ones with a pretend shadow, and it honestly fooled me when I wasn’t explicitly looking at it. The terminal textures themselves are what I would describe as “solid” with an overall nice effect, and the jetways look pretty too (even though they don’t move without AES, a major grip for any who use FSX:SE like I used to.)

We look down to the ground and see that, while Aerosoft may have excluded some minor detail elsewhere, it clearly wasn’t off of the ground. Textures and markings look crispy, little details to make parking spots feel unique were plentiful, and the colors of the ground textures (and the separation between lines and ground pavement) were really easy on my eyes, something I didn’t notice until I put it side by side against other sceneries. Night lighting is also superb, as is usually the case with any major Aerosoft scenery, and runway demarcation lighting looked just right, not too dark, not too bright.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the visuals of this scenery. I’m glad that the folks over at Aerosoft were able to strike the right balance between performance and visuals, and I really think this scenery is able to satisfy both sides of the market (the performance oriented and the eye-candy oriented.)


So, I’ve been mentioning throughout this review that this scenery is aimed to be the best of both worlds, and I’m happy to say that on top of delivering on the visuals end, Aerosoft have delivered on the performance side. To be clear, there is no way you’re ever going to get 60FPS in a scenery as big as this, but it did fight way above it’s weight class in terms of FPS. I only noticed a slight difference between the addon scenery and the default scenery provided by FSX, something I can’t say about most sceneries. VAS is also reasonable given the size of the airport, a feat I imagine was painstaking to accomplish.



When I first installed this scenery, I was a bit hesitant about the trade offs Aerosoft made. Once I spent time with the scenery though, my mood completely flipped, and I went from a  skeptic to a believer. This scenery convinced me that sometimes it’s good to take a step back and respect that FS is a hard bit of software to run, and should be developed for with performance heavily in mind. It’s these little changes in attitude between Aerosoft and the rest of the market that make me truly appreciate the diversity of FSX. I think I’ve found another keeper in my scenery library.


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