Addon Santa Preview

Hey folks, it’s that time of year again where the snow falls on trees, hot chocolate is brewing in the kitchen, presents are under the tree, and grandma is ready to tell you all about her political opinion at the dinner table. I love Christmas, it’s always been my favorite holiday, and this year, I decided that FSXReviews should do something special. I am happy to announce that the first (hopefully annual) FSXReviews Addon Santa event is live. At random points between now and Christmas, I will be posting puzzles, riddles, or problems to solve. The first person to solve these problems will win an addon prize. I have a few surprises in store that you’ll have to keep tuned for, but I think right now is the perfect time to kick off the first giveaway, sponsored by Turbulent Designs!

We’re starting off with a softball question for you folks so you can get acquainted with how things roll here. The first person to answer this question and email me the answer ( will be the new proud owner of Turbulent Design’s fantastic Terra Flora! Competition starts as soon as you see the question posted!

Good luck, have fun, and happy winter holiday season!


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