TFDi 717 Review

The 717. Born from the MD-80, the “Angry Puppy” as it is often referred to is the last hurrah from McDonnell Douglas before it was completely consumed into Boeing. Fitted with a modern glass cockpit and some of the most overpowered engines since the 777-200lr, this plane is a unique bird to fly. Now, TFDi … More TFDi 717 Review

SSG 747-8i Review

The iconic 747. Anybody, regardless of aviation prowess, can identify one. Long hailed as the “Queen of the Skies,” it has connected passengers across the globe for almost 50 years. With connotations of opulent luxury and ultimate prestige, the 747 was the plane to beat. Until 2006, when Airbus finally stole the crown from their … More SSG 747-8i Review

JARDesign A330 Review

(This review was updated to reflect new GPU framerates, HDR-enabled visuals, and a couple of other resolved issues. Date: 2/19/17) JARDesigns have released two great Airbus products over the years. The A320, and the A330. JARDesigns are known for their incredible modeling of both systems and visuals, which make their releases highly anticipated. Today we’ll … More JARDesign A330 Review

FlightFactor 757 Review

The 757. With it’s easily distinguishable fuselage perched atop it’s tall landing gear and engines, the plane easily marks an era of prosperity for Boeing. With over 1,000 models delivered, this 200+ seating trans-Atlantic cruiser was one of the most successful planes ever built. It is even still used today, mostly on trans-continental routes and high-density medium range routes. As the jet ages however, airlines are scrambling to find more fuel efficient alternatives to serve the same routes. With no such planes, airlines still cling on to their 757s to this day, in a bid to keep certain routes alive. FlightFactor have undertaken the task of recreating this iconic aircraft within the world of X-Plane 10. How have they done? Let’s find out. … More FlightFactor 757 Review