EZDok v2 vs Chaseplane: The argument everyone loves to hate.

EZDok was a staple addon in the flightsim world for multiple years. It ran completely unchallenged as the one and only camera movement tool worth any amount of money. While small competitors rose and fell, EZDok was by far and away the top dog for years and years and years… There was just one problem. … More EZDok v2 vs Chaseplane: The argument everyone loves to hate.

Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 Review

Frankfurt, home to Lufthansa, and a bustling connection hub to the world. Serving just over 60 million passengers a year, Frankfurt can be defined by high aircraft movement, beautiful but functional building architecture, and a 3 parallel runway system. Aerosoft’s Mega series of airports aims to model incredibly complex and major airports in a pretty … More Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 Review

Taxi2Gate LFPG Review

Charles-de-gaulle, one of the longest neglected sceneries in the FSX world. Maybe it’s because of it’s immense size and detail, or maybe because it’s a really unpleasant airport in real life. Either way, simmers had been longing for so long to get an LFPG update and well, it’s finally here. LFPG has been given the … More Taxi2Gate LFPG Review

TFDi 717 Review

The 717. Born from the MD-80, the “Angry Puppy” as it is often referred to is the last hurrah from McDonnell Douglas before it was completely consumed into Boeing. Fitted with a modern glass cockpit and some of the most overpowered engines since the 777-200lr, this plane is a unique bird to fly. Now, TFDi … More TFDi 717 Review

SSG 747-8i Review

The iconic 747. Anybody, regardless of aviation prowess, can identify one. Long hailed as the “Queen of the Skies,” it has connected passengers across the globe for almost 50 years. With connotations of opulent luxury and ultimate prestige, the 747 was the plane to beat. Until 2006, when Airbus finally stole the crown from their … More SSG 747-8i Review